Car Heating and Cooling Systems

Combustion of fuel produces enormous amount of heat. This heat needs to be properly dissipated otherwise engine will be seriously damaged due to over heating. So, an efficient cooling system is more than essential to avoid overheating of engine and the subsequent seizure.

The cooling system comprises of liquid coolant which is typically a mixture of water and propylene glycol - which works as Antifreeze agent, a water pump which circulates the coolant, a thermostat which controls the temperatures and radiator which dissipates the heat. The functioning of cooling system works by circulating the coolant via water pump around the engine to pick up the heat. The coolant the enters into the radiator where the heat is emitted and coolant again gets cooled down. Similarly, the Air Conditioning system is necessary for maintaining the cabin temperatures, keep the air fresh and pleasant, remove odors and provide a soothing experience to the passengers.

At AAC, our technicians perform proper check ups of the fans ,tubing, water pumps, coolant, thermostat and keep them in top shape.

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