Exhaust and Catalytic Converter.

Exhaust system copes up with a very high temperature gases.An efficient Catalytic Converter ensure that the emitting gases follow the necessary emission norms and helps preserve the environment and ecology. A faulty exhaust system leads to reduced engine efficiency and increased fuel consumption.

The major components of an exhaust system are:

Muffler :

The muffler is essential for a reduced noise level of the vehicle.

Catalytic Converter :

An efficient Catalytic Converter is essential for the reduction of harmful gases produced through the combustion process. It converts the harmful carbon monoxide to less harmful carbon-di oxide. Also, it converts the various oxides of nitrogen to inert nitrogen and oxygen. The hydrocarbons get reduced to water. It increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by ensuring rich burning of fuel inside the combustion chamber. The Catalytic Converter is also necessary for reducing the ill-effects caused on the environment by burning of fuel.

Since the exhaust system has to cope-up with very hot gases,the wear and tear through rusting causes the failure of its components.At AAC,we perform this task of through inspection and suggest you when to go for its maintenance like plating etc. or a complete replacement.

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