Steering and Suspension.

Afree steering which is correctly sensitive to movements is very essential to the overall driving safety similarly an efficient suspension system is necessary to negate the road imperfections, potholes, bumps, protect the vehicle components and allow a jerk free experience to the passengers.

A steering system consists of a series of linkages and gears which connect the steering wheel to the movement of wheels. Today, mostly every car is filled with Power Steering which consists of hydraulic fluid and pump.

The warning signs for malfunctioning steering are:

  • Car becomes hard to steer.
  • Steering gives a loose feel.
  • Jerky movement of steering.
  • Vibrations.
  • Vehicle pulls aside /wrong steering.

At AAC, we check for these signs and take actions like checking the power steering unit, lubricating the linkages, replacing the slack belts, tire inflation, hydraulic fluid and pumps, etc and take the necessary corrective actions.

A Suspension system typically has shocks, struts and springs. The system needs to be checked if the drive becomes bumpy, noisy and full of vibrations. At AAC, we would check the suspensions for imperfections and replace the components if necessary.

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