Tires and Wheels.

A car won't be a 'CAR' without the tires. These are the basic requirements for a car to move. So a good set of tires is the need of a car's moving and traversing the roads safely. The tire is to be frequently inspected for its Air pressure, rubber consistency, tread depth, road grip.The alignment of tires with respect to the road, car structure and each other is important for the riding safety.

In order to have a long life of tires here are some of the tips:

  • Tires are to be frequently checked for air pressure and make sure that it is at the recommended level. While checking the air pressure the car must be stand still for at least 2 hours or it may not have moved more than 3km before checking. Properly inflated tires ensure better life for tires, pleasant and comfortable ride, improved fuel efficiency.
  • The front tires tend to wear differently than the back tires. So if the tires are swapped every 10000km, they tend to have an evenly worn out state.This ensures safety and consistency.
  • The tires should be replaced preferably all at a time or in pair so that handling and safety of car is not compromised.
  • Your car's brake malfunction lights are on.

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